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Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Purifying facial mask for a smooth, polished complexion

Primary Benefits

Purifying facial treatment deep cleans the skin, ridding it of impurities, excess sebum and other toxins. Natural exfoliators leave skin looking polished and smooth. It helps to noticeably refine and tighten pores and reduce the appearance of blackheads.

Points of Difference

Unique properties of Silt derived from European freshwater lakes help purify and soothe skin. Contains Salicylic Acid in time released microspheres for mild exfoliation benefits.

Who Benefits

All skin types. Ideal for those with dry or oily skin types.

How to use

Apply a generous amount to the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Remove with warm water. Pat skin dry. The use of cotton pads for removal is recommended to avoid staining as Black Mask contains Freshwater Silt and Iron Oxides.


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