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Purifying Cleansing Gel

Oil-control cleanser for fresh, refined skin

Primary Benefits

This highly concentrated cleanser exfoliates and deep cleans pores to remove excess oil and impurities. Pores are refined and skin is left feeling clean and fresh.

Points of Difference

Salicylic and Lactic Acids exfoliate and clarify the skin, manage excess sebum and help to diminish the appearance of blemishes and blackheads.

Who Benefits

Those with oily and acne-prone skin of all ages. Ideal for teenagers dealing with breakouts and those who only experience excess sebum and breakouts periodically. Purifying Cleansing Gel can be used interchangeably with a regular cleanser to provide added exfoliation and/or oil control. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use

Can be used once or twice daily. Wet face and neck with tepid water. Dispense a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand. Lather in hands. Using fingertips, massage onto face and neck using circular motions. Avoid eye area. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry. Contains acids, which may make the skin more sensitive to the sun. We recommend the use of Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 for UV protection.


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