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D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™

Advanced age-defying serum to rejuvenate & energize fatigued skin​

Primary Benefits

When skin is functioning optimally it produces the energy it needs, but over time these levels decline, and skin becomes fatigued due to intrinsic and extrinsic stressors. Unable to behave as it once did, a cellular energy boost can help skin recapture its youthful vitality.

  1. D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ contains patented, industry-first Sunflower Sprout Extract Technology, which boosts cellular energy to allow the skin to function in a more youthful way.

  2. D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ slows cellular ageing with comprehensive intrinsic and extrinsic antioxidant protection.

  3. D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ reduces the visible effects of glycation in the skin.

  4. Visible results appear quickly for improved radiance, smoother skin, and reduced appearance of fine lines.

  5. With continued use for 12 weeks, D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ delivers statistically significant, clinically proven results for improved firmness and elasticity, improved skin barrier and reduction of overall photodamage.

Points of Difference

At the heart of D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™, Sunflower Sprout Extract is a patented, industry-first technology. It has been clinically proven to recharge fatigued cells by boosting Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the key carrier of energy for many cellular functions. As the cellular function improves, D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ delivers visible, statistically significant short- and long-term skin health benefits. Additionally, a robust Antioxidant Blend, a bioavailable peptide and other highly efficacious ingredients also provide support for the DEJ, protect the mitochondria from oxidative stress, strengthen the epidermal barrier and protect the dermal matrix. By targeting multiple pathways within the skin, D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ helps neutralize the effects of cellular fatigue to enhance skin firmness and elasticity, improve overall photodamage, and strengthen the skin barrier for long-term skin health.

Who Benefits

D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum™ is a powerhouse serum that delivers benefits to a range of adult consumers (ages 18+) with different skin health goals:


D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum™ helps restore the skin’s energy and slow down the ageing process while correcting the existing signs of photoaging.


D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum™ prevents the progression of skin ageing to help retain the youthful look of the skin.


D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum™ helps prepare skin for in-office procedures and boosts skin health for the best possible outcome.


D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum™ boosts cellular energy and powers up the benefits of the D.E.J® Regimen.

How to use

D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ is part of the D·E·J® Age-Defying Power Regimen- four complementary products designed to support the skin’s Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ):

• The first step after cleansing, D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™ boosts skin’s cellular energy and optimizes skin health.

• Next, D·E·J Eye Cream® targets drooping eyelids, undereye creepiness and crow’s feet.

• On mornings, follow with D·E·J Face Cream®, a skin-renewing moisturizer that helps visibly firm, lift, and smooth.

• End the nighttime skincare regimen with D·E·J Night Face Cream®, featuring Retinol and Bakuchiol to rejuvenate the skin overnight.


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