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Revox™ Line Relaxer

8 peptides + hyaluronic acid + arnica 

Primary Benefits

Specifically formulated to be paired with a neuromodulator, Revox™ Line Relaxer is an advanced targeted serum that helps to significantly impact the appearance of horizontal and vertical expression lines. This potent, 8-peptide formula utilizes patent-pending LineRelax™ technology to work in synergy
with a neuromodulator to deliver the best of both worlds for dramatic, natural-looking results. When Revox™ Line Relaxer was used as a stand-alone product during a 12-week clinical study, the results were also significant.

Points of Difference

Revox™ Line Relaxer is the only physician dispensed product specifically formulated to be paired with neuromodulators AND clinically-proven to enhance neuromodulators to deliver statistically significant improvement in expression lines, wrinkles and under-eye lines.

In a procedure pairing study, there was a 100% greater improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles at rest when a neuromodulator was
paired with Revox™ Line Relaxer vs. a vehicle control* after 12 weeks.** In a stand-alone clinical study, there was a 38% average reduction in the
appearance of expression lines and under-eye lines after 12 weeks.**

This peptide powerhouse utilizes breakthrough, patent-pending LineRelax™ Technology that features five neuromodulating bioavailable peptides plus Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) to help minimize the impact of facial expressions that cause horizontal and vertical lines to appear. The formula
also contains a Dermal Support Blend of three reparative bioavailable peptides plus two botanical extracts to help support skin’s natural collagen
and elastin in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the look of skin elasticity.

Who Benefits

A clinically-proven topical product for women and men wanting to reduce
the look of expression lines and under-eye lines. It provides statistically
significant improvement when used as a stand-alone product AND with
neuromodulator injections.

How to use

Apply to clean skin prior to moisturizer. Dispense desired amount and use
applicator to massage serum onto any fine lines and wrinkles. You will feel a
unique cooling effect from the metal tip. Avoid direct eye contact.
Use twice daily.


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