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One place that we always ignored

Have your friends or your family members still doubt on your current #age? (heart broken 💔)

Sometime they can't be blamed for it because there is one part most of us ignored while we are doing our daily skincare routine. This part also is the part where make them doubt. You will only realise on it after you read on the next line.

THE NECK - when is the last time you take care of your neck and apply your favourite skincare product on this part?

Other than our face skin, our neck region is the next largest skin area that expose to outer environment. Surprisingly, we still ignore on it all the time.

As a result, it will slowly develop a dull skin tone compared to your face and hand.

This is embrassing when there are two different skin tones on your face and neck especially after apply a whitening foundation on your face. This is also why people around us doubted on our current age.


First thing we need to do now is preparing the skin of #neck region back to normal and healthy skin condition. #Skin #rehydration will the first step followed by nourishing the skin.

In this case, we would like to recommend the Nectifirm Advanced which is the best product to repair our neck skin and reduce #necklines.

With the new generation of age-defying technology, this peptide-packed formula is exclusively designed to target Moderate to Advanced Signs of Aging for the neck and décolletage. Formulated using a proprietary blend of peptides, proteins and pioneering ingredients, #Nectifirm® ADVANCED works with the skin’s own Microbiome to naturally brighten and even skin tone.

How to use it?

Dispense two pumps into palm of hand. Using upward strokes, gently apply onto décolletage, working your way up the neck to the jawline. Use twice daily, morning and evening.

Still doubt on its effect?

97% had statistically significant improvement in clarity and radiance of the #jawline*

#NOW we have a #promotion for #Nectifirm #ADVANCED until 15th June 2019.

Check out our website now to see more info and locate the nearby clinic to bring it back home today.

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